RI Initial Supervisor Course 40hr

This course is based upon the EPA Model Curriculum for Lead Workers and Supervisors. Since RI is an EPA State, the RI regulations are also taught, which make this a very rigorous venue for the student. The student is expected to have a reasonable command of the English language, high school math, and good studying habits.

Initial License.

Applicants for a Lead Supervisor license shall submit an initial application, available on the Department's website, with documentation of the following additional requirements:

(1) A general education diploma (GED), high school diploma, or higher degree; and

(2) A forty (40)-hour initial Lead Hazard Reduction training course, certified pursuant to § 3.9 of this Part, completed by the applicant; or

(3) Compliance with the medical monitoring requirements specific to § 3.9 of this part ;and

(4) The Department Lead Supervisor examination passed by the applicant. Which includes the 100 question EPA test as well as the 50 question RI State test.

It is mandatory that the student be in class during the entire class period each of the five days.

Lead Supervisor 40 hr Training Course

A. Initial Training.

1. The forty (40)-hour initial Lead Supervisor Training Course, as a minimum, must include instruction on the following:

a. Lead Contractor and Lead Supervisor licensing requirements and completed application;

b. Duties and responsibilities of a Lead Contractor and Lead Supervisor;

c. Core lead training course topics in § 3.9.6 of this Part;

d. Lead Worker training course topics in § 3.9.8(A) of this Part.

e. Applicable OSHA standards in 24 C.F.R. 1910;

f. “Right-to-Know” information and training;

g. Legal concerns, insurance and bonding;

h. Project management;

i. Notification and recordkeeping requirements;

j. Understanding a lead inspection report, recognizing potential environmental lead exposure hazards and changes in conditions after the inspection, prioritization of lead hazards, and evaluation of lead hazard reduction options;

k. Clearance Inspections and lead certificates;

l. Proper use and maintenance of HEPA vacuum systems, negative air pressure ventilation systems, and worker decontamination systems;

m. Characterization and transportation of waste;

n. Other topics as required by EPA/HUD and/or the Department; and

o. Hands-on training of at least eight (8) hours which, as a minimum, must include:

(1) Using personal protective equipment (PPE);

(2) Setting up interior and exterior containment;

(3) Building a three (3)-chamber decontamination system;

(4) Using approved work methods to remove or stabilize lead-based paint;

(5) Encapsulating and enclosing lead-based paint hazards;

(6) Door and window replacement;

(7) Proper cleaning of the interior and exterior work area;

(8) Proper storage, characterization, and disposal of lead waste;

(9) Completing required checklists, certificates, and other forms;

(10) Recordkeeping requirements; and

(11) Review/discussion of the hands-on exercises.


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