RI Inspector Refresher

RI Inspector Refresher Training - 8 Hr

This course was developed to satisfy the requirement for Lead Inspector/ Inspectors-In-Training for their bi-annual refresher requirement.

Refresher training includes; a review of the health effects of lead exposure; the health effects of other hazardous substances typically found at Deleading and Renovation work sites; the use of respirators and other protective equipment to reduce exposures; state and federal laws, guidelines or policies applicable to Deleading and Lead-safe Renovation and any pertinent changes thereto; developments or changes in state-of-the-art Deleading and Lead-safe Renovation procedures and equipment; and a review of the key areas of the initial training specific to Deleading.

Successful completion of refresher training will be demonstrated by achievement of a score of at least 72% on a written examination consisting of at least 25 multiple-choice questions administered by the Licensed Training Provider.

This day class is from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

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