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Renovator Refresher Training - 4 Hr

Renovator Refresher Training - 4 Hr

This course was developed by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to refresh the training of renovation, repair, and painting contractors in how to work safely in housing with lead-based paint and to teach them how to comply with both EPA’s RRP Rule, and HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule.

Renovators have a role to play in preventing lead poisoning. Dust from renovations, repairs, and surface preparation during painting activities creates potential lead hazards when lead-based paint is disturbed and lead-safe work practices are not used. EPA requires certification for renovation firms, and training and certification for renovators to prevent lead poisoning resulting from unsafe renovation practices.

Successful completion of the course includes taking and passing the test to become an EPA Certified Renovator.

 This half day class is from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Objectives for the Course

  • Understand the Regulations
  • Using EPA-Recognized Test Kits
  • Review Set Up of Practices
  • Review Prohibited Practices
  • Cleaning and Checking Your Work
  • Record Keeping
  • Training Non-Certified Renovation Workers

Organizations That Will Benefit

  • State and local public agencies that administer Federal funds for housing
  • Non-profit and community housing organizations, particularly those that assist public agencies in administering Federal housing funds
  • State and local health departments
  • Home inspection firms
  • Lead and other environmental services firms

Who Shoud Attend?

    Anyone who has successfully completed an EPA or HUD approved lead safe work practices course in the past and who need to refresh that training:
  • renovators, remodelers, painters
  • maintenance personnel, and any other workers removing or modifying painted surfaces
  • Home inspectors
  • All renovators are potential HUD contractors

About ETI

ETI was founded in 2009 to help promote quality in environmental training and to provide an ongoing partnership by supplying continuing support to our customers after the training has been taken. Reach us at: 

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