CSL 12 Hour Complete Course for Continuing Education Requirements

CSL 12 Hour Continuing Education Course - Construction Supervisor

"This course has been approved by the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards for 12 hours of continuing unrestricted supervisor education."

Effective January 1, 2018 the Massachusetts Construction Supervisor needs 12 hours of Continuing Education Credits for their unrestricted license. This includes 4 hours of Code Review, 1 hour of Workplace Safety, 1 hour Business Practices, 1 hour of Energy, 1 hour of Lead Safe Practices.

CS-3602 which includes; Code Review (2 hours); Energy (2 hours)

CS-3606 which includes; Workplace Safety (2 hours); Business Practices (1 hour); Lead Safety (2 hours); Elective (1 hour)

CS-3607 which includes; Code (2 hours) 

This course is offered over two days from 8AM to 2PM, since only 6 hour days are allowed. Please consult the course schedule for dates

  • Lead paint - Where is it and why is it so dangerous? How do I protect my family especially my children?
  • Regulations for RRP - Do I need a license or can I just be certified?
  • Deleading - What is the difference between RRP and Deleading (can I remove lead paint)
  • Employees - Do all my employees have to be trained?
  • Records - What kind of records have to be kept and how long?
  • Cost - How much extra is the added cost of this regulation and how do I stay competitive?
  • Heat Loss - Shows the amounts and where house lose energy.
  • Energy Calculations - Help the CSL give the owner the biggest bang for their energy savings dollar
  • Types of Solar Systems - Different types of solar systems such as thermal and photo voltaic
  • State Building Codes - What size rafter and spans do the solar equipment require
  • Spanner Mounting - How to reinforce the roof for solar systems
  • Rack Mounting - Materials, mounting and maintenance
  • Deck Construction - lateral loads

People That Would Benefit!

All CSL holders (Construction Supervisors) who are confused about all the different Massachusetts regulations should take this course. This combo of courses gives you all 12 hours of Continuing Education credits toward your CSL renewal. Don't be left out and wait until the last minute to fulfill your obligation for license renewal. 

Who Should Attend?

All CSL who want to spend their Continuing Education time in a useful way to fulfill the 12 hour requirements.


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